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Landing Page and Headline Variations

D1 Abuse can have mental and emotional effects. We are here to help. 
D2 No matter sexual, mental, or verbal, abuse can lead to emotional suffering.  

D1 Traumatic and emotional,PTSD recovery is possible.
D2 Recovery from PTSD can happen with the highly effective evidence-based treatment. 

D1 The Bella Asthma Center, where you experience more than hope but results.  
D2 A center with resources of, recovery, and healing for symptoms of asthma. 

The Stella Trauma Center is offering you peace 
The Stellate Ganglion Block, a medical saving grace

It takes courage to face PTSD 
At the Stella Trauma center, your journey is supported

Take the first step to healing your PTSD 
The Stella Trauma Center, where peace begins

PTSD is an injury and injuries can heal  
Revive, repair, and rebuild your life at The Stella Trauma Center

Professor Lee’s Consultation Form  
Dr. Lee’s innovative and life-changing procedure has salvaged the lives of hundreds of patients.  To determine if you qualify for this technique an inquiry of your health history must be taken. To receive the application forms and questionnaires, please submit your name and email below. Upon completion and submission, a representative will contact you.  
First Name: 
Last Name
Email: [Button Text] 

Social Media

Ad Copy Variations for The House is Yours.com
1-Have you ever had trouble and frustration when buying a house? Become a property buying professional with The House is yours.com course. Click to learn more.
2-Has buying property taken too much of your time and money? Learn how to take the upper hand when negotiating with real estate, from The House is yours.com. Click to learn more!
3-Have you ever dreaded a visit to an open house? With The House is yours.com course, you can become a master at home purchasing. Click here to learn more.  
4-When purchasing a home, do you think you're getting the best possible deal? The House is yours.com course can teach you how to purchase a home in your favor. Click to start your course.
5-Do you want to know what home and what neighborhood will suit your needs? This House is yours.com can teach you how to find one and where to look. Clic to begin your course.

Graduation Ad Copy variations for Photo Dynamo
1-A graduation is something to be cherished. Document your achievement by booking a Graduation Portrait Session with Photo Dynamo.
2-A college graduation is one of the landmarks in your life.
Capture the unforgettable moment with Photo Dynamo. Book Today!
3-Graduating? Book your In-Studio or on–location portrait photo shoot with Photo Dynamo’s Graduation Portrait Session.  
4-Tired of your same old boring head shots? Need inspiration for something new? A guided session from our talented photographers can help you.  Book your Professional Head shots with Photo Dynamo today.
5-Photo Dynamo’s Model sessions can breathe life into your model spirit, reach a higher consciousness of fashion majesty, and find your shining signature.  Book your Photography and Videography Model session today!
6-A picture is worth 1000 words, but a headshot can contain a value of limitless description. Here at Photo Dynamo we aim to get you noticed and make you known. Book your Model Session today!

Strong Guyy Ad Copy Variations
1-Strong Guyy can help you achieve your bulking goals with your health in mind. Click Here
2-Bodybuilders need smart healthy supplements not just loaded junk. Strong Guyy, lick
3-Strong Guyy can help you get the body, the likes, and the followers. Click  
4-Do you need great supplements that you can trust? Trust Strong Guyy, Click Here
5-Energy, focus, and endurance. Strong Guyy, proper health supplements. Click Here

Email Marketing


Subject: Did you vote for Thomas today?                                                    
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All you need to do is vote for Thomas Payne every day to increase their chances for the grand prize of $100,000.
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Welcome Email Sequence
Subject: You can heal, and you can feel relief.
Dr. Lee has an answer for your chronic back pain. Located in Easy New York (a suburb of Brooklyn) Dr. Lee and his team, work tirelessly at treating Americans and their symptoms of chronic back pain.
A quick and simple procedure by injecting Dr. Lee’s own mixture of medications into the source of pain. Relieving the symptoms of chronic back pain with lasting effects from months to years.  
Depending on the distance you travel your stay with us can be as quick as a one-day visit. However, patients traveling further distances (e.g.: long drives, flights) are encouraged and recommend staying in a nearby hotel.  
To determine if you are a candidate you must complete a questionnaire and potential new patient forms. To receive the forms and begin your healing, please click here.
Comfort and relief is waiting for you.  
We thank you,
Dr. James Lee

Service Descriptions

Driveway Cleaning and Maintenance - Driveway cleaning and maintenance is necessary for the condition and lifetime of your driveway. Most driveway cleaning and maintenance jobs consist of power washing or pressure washing. Steam cleaning and water cleaning are additional methods to the cleaning and maintenance of your driveway. There is a difference on the approach to cleaning and depending on your driveway, the choice matters. Power washing uses heated water, as the pressure washer doesn’t. Power washing is particularly recommended on surfaces such as concrete, which will not be damaged by the heat. Pressure washing tends to be the most popular option due to the fact it can work well on multiple surfaces including, concrete, asphalt, decorative brick, and decomposed granite. Pressure washing is used to remove, dust, mud, grime, dirt, mold, and other unwanted debris. There are many benefits for pressure washing as it prevents weeds from growing in between any cracks on your concrete. The more weeds that grow, the bigger the cracks get, pressure washing averts that. Pressure washing also can adjust to the construction material, surface thickness, amount of dirt, and severity of stains. The cleaning and maintenance of your driveway removes dirt, salt, and all buildup that compromises your driveway shape and appearance. Cleaning and maintenance by pressure washing removes stains that can affect the esthetic of a clean pavement. Walk behind surface cleaners are also often used to clean driveways, walkways, and parking lots to a restored look. Power washing and pressure washing is more time saving and efficient than other means such as detergents and potent chemicals.  Driveway cleaning and maintenance keeps your driveway clean, visually appealing, and damage preventative throughout the New Jersey area.
Driveway and Asphalt Sealing - Sealing of your driveway is imperative when it comes to the maintenance and appearance of your home. Driveways become damaged overtime due to areas of grass and weeds that grows through cracks, mishaps with oil or gas spills, and climate effects. Driveway sealing at regular intervals (usually 1-3 years) gives your driveway the added protection it needs to last longer and resist decay. The sealing itself usually comes as coal tar emulsion, asphalt emulsion, or as an oil-based sealer. A proper sealer repels water, which is one of the major damaging causes for driveways. Sealing of your driveway is best suited during mid-range temperatures from 65 – 80 degrees F. It is best to schedule a sealing when there is no rain expected for at least three days. The preparation for sealing a driveway is crucial and certain steps must be taken. WARNING: Never seal a new asphalt driveway. Asphalt needs a minim of 6 months for its oils to evaporate. All grass and dirt will be removed first by hosing down the driveway to leave a clean and ready to seal surface. Once the surface is dry the sealant can then be applied to the driveway in thin overlapping coats. The normal amount of drying time lasts roughly 24 hours, in which no contact with the surface is directed. After completion your driveway will turn out new and clean, and the sealant itself will have a slightly shiny appearance. Driveway and asphalt sealing are a beneficial and cost-effective means to preserve your driveway, done throughout the New Jersey area.  
Asphalt Removal – Asphalt removal is the demolition of your asphalt surface by means of jack hammering or circular sawing. Asphalt removal may be necessary when asphalt repairs, overlays, and resurfacing aren't doing the job or hadn't come in time. There can be many other reasons why asphalt needs to be removed. Here are some examples: Poor maintenance of pavement Water reaching the gravel, dirt, and or sand base, creating cracks and potholes  Overuse and or asphalt reaching its lifespan Without proper maintenance, water can enter through cracks and holes may form, damaging the base. When this happens the most effective form of repair is to remove the asphalt completely. The size of the area requiring removal will determine the proper tools needed for the job. Smaller sections can be tackled with a pickaxe or jackhammer and shovel. For larger areas an excavator is required. Skid steers with hydraulic breaker attachments are also another tool option in the removal of asphalt. The quality and working status of the heavy artillery tools used makes a difference on the performance and result of the project. This also adds to the length of time it'll take to see the finished job. Asphalt is heavy and dense, as it is broken into large chunks, it is then broken down further into smaller pieces to aid in the eradication process.  Once the asphalt is removed a refreshing of the base can then be conducted. With a freshly grated base, new asphalt can then be laid.  Asphalt removal takes care of major driveway obstacles in one big project done throughout the New Jersey area.

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